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Restoration * Renewal * Repainting

We are your #1 Singer Featherweight sewing machine destination. Jeremi, our in-house sewing machine technician, has decades of experience fixing sewing machines of all makes and models. He's got manufacturer certifications to prove his expertise. He has also worked in a sewing factory, where getting machines up and running and stitching well is the difference between profit and loss.

Jeremi checks out every Singer Featherweight and tunes it up to assure the best quality stitch from your renewed or restored Singer Featherweight sewing machine. It's not uncommon for the stitching speed of a Featherweight to increase by more than 25 percent when he's done fine-tuning it.

If you're looking for a restored Featherweight, we'll work each step of the way to make sure your Featherweight restoration is painted the precise color of your dreams -- we've even done custom paint that would make a hot-rodder proud.

We send the machines that we paint to a recognized Top Custom Painter and his work shows the attention to detail that makes award-winning projects. We don't know of any awards for custom painted sewing machines, but he'd do just fine in that category, too.

Our philosophy on Singer Featherweight restorations is simple -- "Featherweights must sew, they're not for show." We don't aim to produce a finish that's "better than factory" (though we do that, too). What we aim for is a road-worthy daily driver that you'll be proud to take to sew-ins, retreats and classes. Our Featherweights are the envy of those in the know, because they're built to sew, sew, sew.

Compare our prices and our quality, and you'll see why so many sewists turn to us for their Featherweight restoration and renewal.

Singer Featherweight Model 221
Best Singer Featherweight 221 Shop

Singer Featherweight 221 custom painted red and yellow
Singer Featherweight Model 221 custom painted with a dragon theme
Singer Featherweight 221 custom painted with scissors painted to match

Singer Featherweight Model 221 custom paint
Singer Featherweight Model 221 color changing paint
Singer Featherweight Model 221 custom painted

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